Aging Pets Need Special Care

Diet, exercise and medical advances not only benefit us, they add years and enhance the quality of our pets’ lives too. Medical advice we give for aging pets is similar to preventative programs for humans – weight control, exercise, dental care, routine examinations and tests for early disease detection.

As your dog or cat ages, you may notice these physical signs: weight gain, thinning and graying coat, bad breath, behavioral changes, arthritis, hearing and vision loss, or inappropriate urination.

Problems that aren’t noticeable are potentially fatal if they go untreated. Cancer is the number one, non-accidental cause of death in dogs and cats. Other common ailments in aging pets include kidney failure, thyroid disease, diabetes, dental problems and heart disease. The key to controlling these problems is to detect the diseases early through semi-annual check-ups and diagnostic tests.

Regular dental cleaning is especially important as the pet ages. Regular cleaning and polishing treatments for pets as well as home maintenance help keep a pet’s teeth strong and healthy as it ages.

While many problems in older pets cannot be avoided, as they are part of the normal aging process, practicing preventative care and providing appropriate diet can give your pet the best chance to live a longer, healthier life.

We have a wonderful senior wellness plan at the Arlington Animal Hospital that includes a thorough physical examination, bloodwork, urinalysis and EKG. This is an effective and affordable way to screen for a multitude of diseases before your pet gets sick.

Call us today to set up an appointment for your pet’s Senior Wellness Screen.

Happy Easter,
Dr. Bonnie

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