Greetings and Welcome!
As most of you already know, in May of this year Dr. Russ Hagan, DVM, owner of Meadowbrook Corners Animal Clinic retired from practicing veterinary medicine. After careful consideration and contemplation, Dr. Hagan transferred his patient’s medical records to the Arlington Animal Hospital.

Since then we have had the pleasure of meeting many new clients and patients. Our goal is a seamless and successful transition, and while that has kept us very busy, we continually strive to provide the best care and customer service we can to keep your precious pets healthy.

If we have not had the opportunity to meet you yet, we look forward to seeing you soon.
Feel free to call us, send an e-mail, add our website to your smart phone, follow us on Facebook, or schedule a quick tour of our hospital.

We are excited about continuing your pet’s medical and preventive health care by building a new and lasting relationship with you.

Dr. Bonnie S. Harris BSN, BSVS, DVM