A Christmas Wish

A non profit organization in Fort Worth, Texas called A Wish with Wings has been blessing the hearts of young Texans with life threatening health conditions for 35 years. This Christmas Arlington Animal Hospital got to be a part of this blessing. A Wish with Wings chose a seven year old little boy to receive his true wish for Christmas- a new puppy of his own. The doctors and staff met this precious Shih Tzu puppy, Timmy, for an examination, vaccinations, and puppy care which will be paid for the first year of life by A Wish with Wings. To see the love and joy this puppy brought to the little boy and his family was heartwarming. This organization has touched a lot of families and gives hope and a spark of light to many sick children. Arlington Animal Hospital is blessed to be a part of this Christmas story.

Happy New Year!
Dr. Bonnie

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