New Digital Xray

We have new Digital X-ray equipment!

With our new Digital X-ray equipment, we now have the ability to capture and view Xrays within seconds, while our patient is still on the X-ray table.

We get the best quality images for every size, shape and species of pet. We can see every detail and know if we need another image or view without having to wait for film to be developed. This shorter turnaround time is less stressful for you and your pets.

The high quality images can be shared with owners and specialists when necessary. This diagnostic capability will certainly enhance our ability to properly care for our patients.

We no longer need to purchase or use chemicals to process the X-ray film. And digital X-ray machines do not produce the waste products that chemical film processing

Our clinic’s vision is to partner with you, our clients, in formulating the best plan of care for your pets. We continue to embrace modern treatment and technology to achieve this goal. We care about your pets!!

Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!
Dr. Bonnie

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