July 2020,

It is hard to believe that July is here! Yes, Arlington Animal Hospital is still open to provide veterinary services to our precious patients and wonderful pet parents. Veterinary care is considered an “essential service” by our state and local governments. The pandemic has changed the way we take care of your pets. We are practicing “curbside” service and not allowing pet parents inside the hospital. Our goal is to keep you safe, and to keep our staff safe. A veterinary team member will greet you at your car wearing personal protective equipment, you will be given paperwork to fill out, then your pet will be brought inside the hospital to be examined and treated by either Dr. Harris or Dr. Grissom. You can either wait in your car, go grab a cold drink from a local drive-through, or go back home to wait. The veterinarian will then call you to discuss your pet’s findings, medical recommendations and treatments.

I want to thank my entire STAFF for their flexibility, time, extra work, and willingness to remain on the “front lines” during this stressful time with so many unknowns.

We value YOU, our clients and your willingness to comply with our new protocols. All that we ask is that you be patient, be kind, and treat our veterinary team with respect. A smile, a kind word, and a simple thank you go a long way to bring joy to their day.

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate the changing circumstances presented by COVID-19.

Have a safe and joyous July,

Bonnie S. Harris DVM
Head Veterinarian at Arlington Animal Hospital

The Pet of the Month for July is Milo Phillips!



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