I am frustrated. I am bewildered. I am mad! I saw SIX very sad medical situations last month that could have been prevented if the pet had been spayed or neutered.

  • A 4 year old un-spayed female dog with malignant breast cancer. Preventable!
  • A 9 year old intact male dog with a 105° fever and a prostate so large and infected that he could not pee. He was euthanized because the owners could not afford treatment. Preventable! A 10 month old pregnant female kitty whose body size was too small to deliver the babies. She had to be euthanized because all of her fetus’ died inside of her. Preventable!
  • A 12 year old intact male dog with a testicle the size of an orange. The cancer had already spread to his bones and he had to be euthanized. Preventable!
  • A 6 year old critically ill unspayed female dog with pyometra (puss-filled uterus) that died from sepsis before emergency surgery could be performed. Preventable!
  • But the saddest situation of all was when I walked through (only 3) local animal shelters last month and saw the hundreds of dogs and cats that will not find homes and will be euthanized. Preventable!

Spay is slang for ovariohysterectomy of a female dog or cat. Neuter is slang for orchectomy or castration of a male dog or cat. Spaying or neutering your dog or cat is RESPONSIBLE pet ownership. It not only lengthens your pet’s life, it improves quality of life and eliminates a multitude of health risks. Not to mention the pet overpopulation problem, which is a CRISIS right now!

Spaying or Neutering should be performed early in life and is a safe and economical procedure that every veterinarian has been taught. As animal advocates and animal doctors, we want your pets to have long healthy lives without the disasters I have just described.

Please, Please, Please be a responsible pet owner yourself; be proactive and encourage others. But above all, do what is right for the ENTIRE pet population. Spay & Neuter Your Pets!!

P.S. Sorry about the emotional introduction; because I prefer to be grateful, understanding and content in my role as a veterinary partner with you.

Have an Amazing August,

Dr. Bonnie

Pet of the Month – Fibber McGee

Fibber McGee