For most of us, caring for our teeth and gums has been part of our daily routine for as long as we can remember. Your pet needs dental care, too, because periodontal disease can lead to other serious health problems. Bacteria from the mouth can invade other organs and lead to heart, liver and kidney failure.

Here are some tips for better oral care:

1. VISIT YOUR VETERINARIAN – Every Annual Wellness Exam in our hospital includes a dental examination. If we find signs of oral disease, we will recommend a treatment plan. We will also recommend home care habits that are a key part of keeping your pet healthy.

2. HAVE AN ORAL CARE ROUTINE AT HOME – Plaque should be removed from your pet’s teeth every day, before it mineralizes into tartar. Proper brushing of your pet’s teeth each day will remove plaque buildup. In addition, you can feed specially formulated foods and apply additives to their water that help reduce the accumulation of plaque and tartar.

3. SCHEDULE REGULAR DENTAL CHECKUPS – We monitor the progress of your pet’s preventative program, so regular dental checkups are essential, just as twice-a-year checkups are important for humans. For pets that form tartar quickly or those with a history of oral problems, frequent examinations and cleanings may be advised.

All pets are at risk for developing dental problems. Once your pet displays any of the warning signs below, serious periodontal disease may be present.

  • Bad breath
  • Tooth loss
  • Bleeding gums
  • Subdued behavior
  • Yellow-brown crust on teeth
  • Abnormal drooling
  • Interest in food, but not eating
  • Dropping food out of mouth
  • Change of chewing habits
  • Weight loss

Ignoring the condition of your pet’s mouth can lead to periodontal disease, tooth loss and other serious health concerns.

February is National Dental Health Month for Pets. Now is the best time to get your dog or cat’s teeth examined, cleaned and polished. We offer a 10% discount on dental cleaning this month. Call us at 817-277-6301 to schedule an appointment.

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